The Problems to remove your buttcrack hair

The problem of unwanted vegetation worries many. Advertising on TV, banners of services of beauty salons and cabinets, tips of beauty bloggers. Everywhere they say how, where and how to remove unwanted body hair. The problem of unwanted leg vegetation is discussed everywhere, and the hair on the priest is delicately silent. But the problem of unwanted hair in this piquant zone, unfortunately, is relevant for many. “Should I shave my buttcrack hair”, this is a question of every single woman, loves their body.

Your entire body, with the exception of the palms and feet, is covered in hair follicles. And depending on the hormonal background and heredity, the hair on the pope may not look like a fluff on a peach. Some have buttocks covered with hair, while others have an anal area. But in our time, such an aesthetic problem can be solved both at home and in cosmetology rooms. Fortunately, the choice of various means and procedures of shaving buttcrack is quite wide.


Razor use

The easiest way to remove hair from the legs can be used on the buttocks. Unconditional advantages of this method:

  • Simplicity (just a few strokes of the razor – and everything is smooth and neat);
  • Cheapness

But in just a few days, your delicate skin on the pope will resemble a hedgehog. And spiky re-grown hairs will “grind” your every movement. Removing hair around the anus in this way is not the best option: microbes and infections can get into micro-damages of the skin. Banal inflammation or suppuration will begin. It turns out: what is good for the legs, but not so for the priests.


These methods to get rid of hair in buttcrack have proven themselves to remove unwanted vegetation of the legs and bikini area, and therefore can be used for the buttocks area. Wax stripes, special cassettes – henceforth, waxing can be done at home. There are a lot of recipes for making sugar paste (caramel) for shugaring (sugar hair removal) on the Internet, as well as step-by-step instructions for its further use. And someone trusts the solution to such a delicate problem, like hair removal on the pope, to professional cosmetologists. Everyone decides for himself. The advantages of this method include:

  • Long-term result (about 2-4 weeks);
  • Hair after each procedure grows weaker, so the interval between procedures is becoming more and more.

remove your buttcrack hair

Laser hair removal

The newest method, but already has its fans. Who tried it for the legs, he is ready to entrust the more intimate parts of the body to this miracle device. It can be used on the buttocks themselves, and around the anus. This is an absolutely painless procedure, during which the laser beam acts directly on the hair follicle itself, without touching the skin tissue.

The following recipe to remove your buttcrack hair can be called a more radical method for removing hair on the buttocks. Mix 30 grams of alcohol (96%) with 6 grams of castor oil, add 2 grams of alcohol tincture of iodine. You can smear the skin several times a day. A tangible result will be visible after a few days. But there may be an inflammatory reaction at the site of use. Therefore, you need to make a test before using such a tool.