Post Chemical Peel Face Washing: What You Can Do

Peelings and polishes are popular. However, many of these procedures are pushed away by stories about their unpleasant consequences. What should you believe and how to recover faster after peeling at the same time how to put on face after chemical peel?

Today, skin peeling in the face is the most popular procedure for the renewal of the upper layer of the epidermis. But no matter how high-quality the equipment and skills of the cosmetologist are, in any case, skin restoration after peeling will be required. This is due to the fact that during the procedure, the upper stratum carenum of the epidermis is removed to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

As a result of this, micro-damages of soft tissues can occur, and proper post-peeling care is needed to achieve the desired effect. You can read from the internet about what to do after a chemical peel.

A new skin is pushing back under the scales, with synthesis by the fibroblasts of the dermis of better collagen: do not stop your croutes because they protect your new skin and you could even appear pigment spots for several months! It is rather advisable to make facial expressions to accelerate the desquamation in natural ways, and use a moisturizing and restorative cream, or even sterile liquid petrolatum to soften the dead skin.

Make-up is forbidden during the period of peeling, it is then necessary to favor a repair cream speed up peeling after chemical peel, tinted and with a solar index. The skin then returns to its normal state with a clear improvement in fine lines, complexion and dilated pores.

After a peeling session, it is essential to follow the recommendations of your aesthetic practitioner, who will include the cleansing of your skin with a gentle care and the application of a healing cream two to three times a day, or more if you feel the need until the peeling period has passed.


Peeling is not a reason to refuse further cleansing. Micro-damages and cracks resulting from chemical exposure can lead to serious skin diseases.

Make it a rule to use anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing cleansers after a couple of days after peeling. They can be in the form of foam or gel. Specific options, taking into account the characteristics of the skin, the cosmetologist will tell you the way of washing face after chemical peel.

Take care also of clean hands. Especially if it’s hard for you to give up the habit, it’s time to straighten your hair. Use antibacterial soap or wipes several times a day.

washing face after chemical peel


Peeling not only eliminates imperfections, smoothes out fine wrinkles and evens out the tone of the face, but also undermines the lipid balance of the epidermis.

That is why, starting from the second day after cleaning, use moisturizer after chemical peel. Give preference to gels and fluids with a light texture. Unlike cream, they do not require rubbing and instantly saturate the skin with necessary moisture. Starting from the third day, you can switch to oily textures – creams, balms or serums.

Pay attention to the composition of moisturizers. It is best if they are marked for sensitive skin. Not? Then choose those that contain hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

Once your skin repaired, you can resume the application of an anti-aging cream, to potentiate the effects of your peel. In all cases, sun protection is mandatory between 1 and 3 months after the session.