Great Choices for Removing the Beauty Spots

Scars give masculinity to the stronger sex, but they do not decorate girls, especially if they are in the most prominent place the face. And if until recently it was impossible to completely get rid of scars and scars, now mankind has come close to success thanks to constantly improving technologies. Internet will tell you how to get rid of beauty marks.

Scars and scars are once damaged areas of the skin, subsequently replaced by connective tissue. They occur when sufficiently deep damage affects the dermis. Connective tissue does not have the skin pattern necessary to look inconspicuous, and often differs from all other skin areas in color.

treat scars

Over the years, with the normal course of the scarring process, the scars fade and almost merge with the color of the skin, flatten, but do not completely disappear. As a result, an almost imperceptible normotrophic scar remains. If the course of the process of removing beauty marks is disturbed, pathological scars often begin to form.

Causes of scars and facial scars

Probably the most unpleasant scars remain on the face after acne and chickenpox. They are often deep if insufficient connective tissue is formed during scarring. Less often is small, but protruding above the surface of the skin (hypertrophic). Color is from cyanotic or red to almost white.

It is useless to treat such scars at home, the sooner the patient consults a cosmetologist, the more chances he has to get rid of them almost completely. Chemical peels and a laser are used – depending on the situation of beauty mark removal.

As a result of injuries, minor burns, minor surgical interventions, if healing goes well, normotrophic scars are most often formed immediately. They have a flesh or pale hue, have normal elasticity, are on the same level with the skin, are almost invisible and do not require intensive treatment. But if such scars still bother you, you can try removing beauty spots with the help of cosmetics and pharmacy products, or better, in the cosmetologist’s office, where you will most likely be offered a course of superficial (less often – median) chemical peels. If you get down to business on time, scars of this type can be made almost invisible.

Home Care & Scar

Most likely, the products recommended by the cosmetologist will include products with skin-leveling components. These include fruit acids and retinol. The former exfoliate old skin cells, the latter makes the skin denser. At the same time, in order for retinol to work, the products containing it are recommended to be used for at least a year.

Also, do not neglect sunscreens neither in winter, nor even more in the spring-summer period: the skin will be especially vulnerable during treatment. Often, dermatological silicone cream is included in home care at the time of the procedure. It creates a film on the skin that protects it from moisture loss, stimulates tissue repair, smoothes cicatricial hypertrophy.

If you have a normotrophic scar that does not bother you very much and for some reason you do not want to contact a specialist, you can try home remedies. For example, pea dough made from milled peas and warm milk can be applied to the scar every day for an hour. The scar will brighten and become not so noticeable, but it is unlikely to completely disappear.